Ayurveda means the 'science of life'. It is an ancient system of preventive medicine, which provides remedies for illnesses and prescribes ideal lifestyles to prevent the onset of sickness and disease. Excellent treatments are available at Sahyadri Ayurvedic Hospital 6 kms from Paradisa.



There is plenty to do besides soaking up the peace and quiet. A trek through the plantation is an education. See the cultivation and harvesting of coffee, cardamom, cloves and pepper. The tea plantations and factory are well worth a visit. The scenic countryside invites you to take long walks. The heady combination of raw nature and the clean air is a potent restorative.


Nine Hole Course

Paradisa Plantation Retreat is a corporate member of the Peermade Club, an old planters' club dating back to the time of the British in India. The quaint club has a nine hole course where our guests may play a round of golf. Golf Clubs are available at Paradisa.



For those who need a bit of action, there are many trekking routes to suit the capability of the novice or the expert. Less adventurous but thoroughly exhilarating, flying a kite at Panchalimedu lets you rediscover the child in you.


Retreat as Your Base

Using the Retreat as your base, you could visit Periyar Tiger Reserve which is only 37 kilometers away. A visit to the organic tea factory will give you an idea of how the tea gets from the plant to your table.


Feast Your Taste Buds

The cuisine of Kerala is appreciated all over the world . Our chef will teach you how to cook any dish on the menu that you particularly like. Cooking classes can be arranged on request.


Cultural Evenings

To help you unwind at the end of the day performances of Indian classical music and dance will be staged at the restaurant. Kathakali is Kerala's legacy to the world of dance drama. Kerala's own classical dance form is Mohiniattam, the dance of the celestial enchantress. Bharatanatyam, though borrowed from the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, is widely practised in Kerala. We offer you the enriching experience of being audience to these performances.

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